Saturday Discussion : 5 Day Forecast – Cooler Weather on the Way

After Poughkeepsie obliterated a record high temperature on Friday, things are much different on Saturday. Friday saw Poughkeepsie reach 95°… which smashed the record of 90° that stood for 89 years (1934). Since then a cold front has passed through with very little rainfall, but an upper level tough will settle into the northeast, keeping us quite a bit cooler than average.
The average high this time of year is in the mid 70s… but we’ll see many days this week with highs between 65° and 70°. Weak areas of low pressure will be lurking offshore, and could bring a couple chances at some light rain showers. The first day would be Tuesday afternoon, but it’s not a given. Showers and T-Storms look to be scattered in nature (roughly 30% to 40% chance.) Conditions have been rather dry, so we could certainly use a widespread rainfall event… but we don’t see anything like that just yet. We’ll keep watching the details to see if one of these upper level low pressure features can provide us with a welcome surprise…
From record heat, to temperatures about 10 degrees below average… a much cooler weather pattern for the first half of June. Have a great weekend Hudson Valley!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion : 5 Day Forecast – Cooler Weather on the Way”

  1. Not sure if you just changed format, not getting current temperatures, just commentary, wish you would go back to old format giving current temperatures, with five day forecast

  2. I’ll second that – current conditions, radar and five-day sequentially disappeared within the last two or three days. The 24-hour has not worked in months. Those are the most useful and are not on the Facebook page. (unless camouflaged somehow)

  3. Regarding the previous 2 visitors, yes, things have gone wonky with regard to format and visibility.
    Beyond that, the ‘soft’ discussion of just how extremely dry it is makes me nervous – in previous extended drought years people always start out…weak


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