Saturday Discussion : Chilly Sunshine

We’ve had a rough week of tech issues, where the website has been down for days, and getting it back up and running has been a considerable challenge.  Despite several things still being quirky and glitchy… we’re mostly operational once again.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

In terms of our Saturday afternoon around the Hudson Valley, we’ve finally got sunshine back in the picture, which is a welcome sight.  Our winds are out of the north, which has brought a seasonable chill back into the valley, after many days of above average temperatures over the past week or two.  The first 13 days of November have been a blowtorch across the eastern half of the country.

We discussed in late October, that this massive ridge over the eastern US would result in very mild temperatures, and so this map is not the least bit surprising.  After our first wet snow flakes of the season just before Halloween… any sign of winter has been wiped off the map.  We’ll have to see if that changes for the 2nd half of November, as the jet stream finally begins to shift around a little, which should give us some chances at colder air.

Our next shot of rain comes on Sunday afternoon, as an approaching cold front brings with it, the chance of rain showers.  A sharp squall line of heavy down pours and gusty winds seem possible toward evening on Sunday, with the passage of the cold front.  We’ll have to keep an eye on that as it approaches.

Futurecast Radar : 12pm to 11pm Sunday

You can see on the futurecast, that this squall line looks very potent.  Thunder and lightning, strong (potentially damaging) wind gusts and heavy downpours are possible… the timing looks to be 5pm to 8pm… but we will continue to monitor as we head into Sunday.

For now… try and enjoy some great late fall weather!  Happy Saturday, Hudson Valley!

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  1. So glad you are back! We were lost without your forecast. I was wondering what happened because you guys are such good stewards it was out of character that there were no forecasts posted. Thanks for all your hard work.


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