Saturday Discussion : Close Call, Storm Stays South

The arctic air has invaded the Hudson Valley over the past 2 days, thanks to persistent NW winds, and a strong high pressure.  That same high pressure will act as a shield, and help to deflect the approaching winter storm… and suppress it to our south.

Futurecast Radar: 7pm Saturday – 7pm Sunday

You can see on the simulation that the snow shield looks potent Saturday afternoon, but as the system progresses east, it weakens, and the snow shield dries up.  The strong high pressure approaching from Canada has a good bit of energy with it, and that energy will push southward on Saturday.  As it does, it will interact with the approaching low pressure system, and help steer it southeast… and off the coast of North Carolina.

So for us locally, Saturday and Sunday will see considerable clouds, and considerable cold.  Highs will struggle to reach the freezing mark, and the sun is likely to be filtered through high clouds.  Similar conditions are expected on Sunday, with increasing amounts of sun as the storm pulls east.  Temps on Sunday also won’t get above freezing… so the cold is surely in place.

Make sure you bundle up and stay warm on Saturday, we’ll continue to track the storm as it passes by to our south.  Have a great day!

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  1. Yes, I love you guys but must agree with Vinny. Please give this website first priority when it comes to updates. I can recall a time when you updated Facebook and forgot to update your own website. Many of us come here first and only here when the weather turns bad. Thank you!

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