Saturday Discussion – Good Unoffical Start of Summer

A fine spring day around the Hudson Valley for our final Saturday in May.  Fair weather clouds will mix with sunshine, and afternoon highs should climb into the low 70s.  All outdoor activities should be in good shape for Saturday afternoon… but you may need to be on guard for a brief shower in the next hour or two… especially in the Catskills.
We are tracking a broken band of rain showers pushing eastward this afternoon.  The heaviest and most organized rain showers are north of our area, but the southern edge of the showers could spread some precipitation into the Hudson Valley, especially the northern half of the valley.  These showers are moving rather quick, and shouldn’t last all that long in any given location.  But a 30 minute shower is possible between 1pm and 3pm.
Other than these scattered showers associated with the passage of a warm front… the weather this weekend looks very nice.  After a nice Saturday afternoon and evening, our Sunday looks to be a beautiful summer preview for the unofficial start to summer.  Sunshine should mix with clouds, and a warm SW wind should pull temperatures into the low and mid 80s for highs!  The good news, is that the humidity should not be too terrible on Sunday, with dew point temps approaching 60°.  On a humidity scale of 1 to 5… with 1 being very comfortable and 5 being oppressive humidity, a 60° dew point typically provides a 1 or 2 in terms of comfort level.  So our summer preview looks quite nice at the moment.
No matter what, we hope everyone has a wonderful “unofficial” start to summer, as we begin the Memorial Day weekend.

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