Saturday Discussion : Gorgeous Summer Day

We’ll see 2 sides to summer this weekend.  We start with the nice side, which features summer temps in the 80s… with low humidity.

Rather light winds and dew points in the low 50s will make for a comfortable summer heat.  Despite the temps in the 80s this afternoon… it should be quite nice for anyone who likes summer weather.

Things warm up for Father’s Day on Sunday, as we watch the temps push toward 90° in the afternoon.  The good news is that the humidity should not build until late on Sunday.  Making for real feel temperatures very close to the actual air temperature… so it will be right around 90°, and feel like it’s right around 90°… every bit like summer.

Monday, will be the hottest day of 2018 so far.  The heat and humidity will be in full effect, with temps pushing well into the 90s…

But when you realize that dew point temperatures will be in the upper 60s to low 70s… making for a VERY sticky day.  Look at these projected Heat Index (real feel) temps for Monday afternoon…

So make sure you factor this into your plans as we start the work week.  The heat and humidity will border on oppressive, so you’ll want to limit your outdoor activities on Monday.  The good news, is that the heat only lasts 1 day.  By Tuesday we’ll track scattered showers and thunderstorms pushing into the region, and that will bring temps back into the 80s across the Hudson Valley.

For now… enjoy a gorgeous Saturday!

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