Saturday Discussion : Picture Perfect and Delightful

We’ll keep this one short and sweet… because we’re going to get outside and enjoy it.  After the weather of the past week, with the brutal heat and humidity… today feels outstanding!  With the passage of the cold front on Friday, we’ve seen the winds shift around to the NW and a very dry… very comfortable air mass has settled into the valley.

Expect lots of sunshine and blue skies on both Saturday and Sunday.  We’ll see low humidity on both days as well.  Saturday will feel refreshing… as highs climb into the upper 70s and near 80°.  Then on Sunday, we’ll see highs climb into the low and mid 80s for many parts of the region… possibly even some upper 80s.  But once again… with very low humidity levels, the heat should be quite manageable.

Enjoy what will surely be a glorious weekend in terms of weather!

1 thought on “Saturday Discussion : Picture Perfect and Delightful

  1. I’m wondering if the two hurricanes/tropical storms (Beryl and Chris) in the western Atlantic are major factors in pulling down high pressure from the NW upon us and ridding us of high humidity?

    You only get a limited number of days like yesterday in a lifetime. Be sure to put them to good use.

    Fred Biolchini

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