Saturday Discussion : Raining on Many Parades

In the Friday Discussion, we outlined the weekend’s weather in a general, broad way.  Now that we’re right on the doorstep of Saturday, we have a better understanding of how things should play out on Saturday.  Unfortunately, for our local graduations, things aren’t looking great.

Futurecast Radar: 11pm Friday to 5pm Saturday

As it now appears… scattered showers develop over the Hudson Valley by sunrise on Saturday.  It appears that heavier showers and even a few downpours could occur through the morning hours, before moving north of the Hudson Valley during the early afternoon hours.  Unfortunately, most of the morning is now looking rainy, with the afternoon likely cloudy, cool and damp… with areas of patchy drizzle and spotty rain showers.

This means that most outdoor graduations could see delays, or find themselves being moved in doors.  If your graduation is “rain or shine”… you’re going to want the umbrella.  Here’s the longer range futurecast radar, that takes us up through Sunday afternoon…

Futurecast Radar: 2pm Saturday through 6pm Sunday


This graphic begins at 2pm on Saturday, and you can see that once the heaviest batch of rain has just exited the region by that point.  That leaves us likely left with low clouds, areas of patchy drizzle… and even a spot shower or two.  It seems likely that no widespread organized areas of rain occur through much of the mid afternoon hours, through sunrise on Sunday (although we’ll have to watch a cluster of showers and storms that will likely just miss the Hudson Valley to our south around sunset).  That doesn’t mean it will be nice… quite the contrary, with highs around 70° and a damp feel to the air.  But your outdoor plans may not totally be washed out.

The last 12 frames of the futurecast graphic above are roughly sunrise to sunset on Sunday… you’ll see showers and thunderstorms popping up across the region for Sunday afternoon at the very end of the loop.  So Sunday looks warmer, with breaks of sun, and scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  So once again on Sunday, outdoor activities will have to dodge a shower or t-storm.

So unfortunately we don’t have great news… but the setup is what it is.  Anyone with plans Saturday morning will need an umbrella, and things should begin to dry out from south to north around mid day in the Hudson Valley.  The afternoon looks cloudy and damp, with temps around 70°, and the threat of patchy drizzle and a stray shower.  We hope that you’re still able to have a wonderful day… in spite of the weather.  Have a great day!

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