Saturday Discussion : Raw Weekend Ahead

Mother’s Day weekend is on our doorstep.  And that means lots of indoor and outdoor events.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t feeling the love, and looks likely to rain on our parade.  So lets take a look at the weekend’s setup, and try to time out the rain threats.

Futurecast Radar: 12am Saturday – 12pm Saturday

Here is the simulated radar for the northeastern US on Saturday morning.  You’ll notice that rain showers are scattered about Hudson Valley area shortly after midnight… straight through the noon hour.  So anyone with outdoor plans early on Saturday, will need the umbrella… and should expect potential rain delays (we’re looking at you, little league players).

But the scattered rain showers will be in the Hudson Valley through the afternoon as well.  You’ll notice on this screen shot of the 12pm simulated Radar & Satellite image, that with this unsettled weather moving from west to east… that there is plenty more clouds and scattered rain showers to contend with, through the afternoon hours.  So if you have plans at any point on Saturday, you should factor in showers to the equation.

The low clouds and scattered rain showers will also go a long way toward keeping temperatures pinned down in the 50s…

If the clouds and scattered showers persist through the afternoon as expected… highs across the Hudson Valley will struggle into the low and mid 50s.  That’s roughly 15 to 20 degrees below average… so make sure you grab the coat.  But look at the image above one more time… and you’ll see the 70s over eastern Pennsylvania… where the sunshine and blue skies actually allow for extra warmth.  So exactly how much clouds and scattered showers hold on… will determine exactly how warm it does or does not get.

Mother’s Day Instability?…

Looking toward Mother’s Day… the stationary front that will cause the clouds and scattered showers on Saturday, will likely linger through much of Sunday.  However, it does appear that the boundary may dip just a few miles further south on Mother’s Day, and if it does… we could luck out just a bit…

So there is a decent chance that conditions on Mother’s Day will be better than on Saturday.  But we’ll have to wait and see, because the devil will be in the details… and 50 miles is a VERY SMALL distance in the weather world.  So it’s entirely possible that the boundary could be a bit further north on Sunday… and the weather could disappoint.  So cross your fingers that this position of the boundary holds as shown… which would give us a decent shot at a decent Mother’s Day.

For now… have a great start to your weekend!

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