Saturday Discussion : Scattered Showers All Day

Normally this time of year, this type of storm system would translate into a snow event.  However, with a zonal flow across the United States, temperatures at the middle layers of the atmosphere are well above freezing.  So instead of snow… this will be a wet Saturday across region.

Futurecast Radar : Through Saturday 8pm

Scattered showers will be with us through the day on Saturday, as the storm system passes by just to our south.  It will be rather raw… and chilly, with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s.  Typically this time of year, this storm track would result in a snowstorm… however there is no cold air to be found, at any layer of the atmosphere… so a storm more typical of late October or early November will be the result.  Total rainfall amounts will be around a half inch on average… so it’s not a heavy rainfall… just a persistent light rain…

We’ve been strapped for time, but are looking to do a rainfall recap for 2018 and a look forward at the next several days and weeks.  Hopefully we can get that together at some point this weekend.  Stay dry, Hudson Valley.

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