Saturday Discussion: Spring Surge

What a difference a day makes in early April!  We saw widespread reports of a slushy coating to an inch of wet snow on grassy areas, even in some valley areas.  Temps on Friday climbed into the low 40s by noon, as projected by computer guidance.  What wasn’t captured by computer data… was that as the precipitation moved in, temperatures would then tumble into the mid 30s, cold enough to support wet snow.  As a result, that meant many areas saw rain and sleet quickly mix with wet snow on Friday afternoon.  A pretty rare event for early April.  We’d love to see some reports in the comments below, about how much (if any) slushy accumulation you saw in your location.

But a new day brings new weather… and the sunshine has broken through and blue skies have replaced the gray skies.  Temperatures will quickly climb through the 50s, and into the low and mid 60s this afternoon!  How about THAT for a spring time turn around in the weather!  Anyone with outdoor plans for the weekend, you should be VERY happy with how the weather cooperates with your plans.

We hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy some true spring time weather!  Have a GREAT Saturday!!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion: Spring Surge

  1. Here in NE Hyde Park at 430′ elevation, temp fell from 43F at lunch time to 34F by dinnertime. Snow on grass and cars amounted to about 1/2″.

  2. Up in Claryville, Ulster County Catskills, we saw about 5″ of snow Friday. Very slippery driving conditions at this altitude. But this morning, as you predicted, the gray is turning to blue, and we are melting!

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