Saturday Discussion : Stormy Afternoon Likely

Winds will shift out of the SW overnight, and push more humid air into the Hudson Valley.  This will set up a warm and sticky Saturday afternoon, with highs projected into the mid 80s, and high humidity with dew points in the upper 60s to near 70°.  A cold front will approach from the NW Saturday afternoon, and should touch off pop up strong to severe thunderstorms around the Hudson Valley.
– 1pm to 7pm – Pop up storms possible
– 3pm to 6pm – Period of highest risk
– Heavy downpours & frequent lightning
– Damaging wind gusts (5% to 15% chance)
– Hail (less than 5% chance)
Anyone with outdoor activities on Saturday, will want to plan for rain delays, possibly more than once, as these storms are likely to form randomly and unpredictably.  We’ll do our best to share updates and warnings as they arise on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday looks like a return to sunshine, low humidity and breezy conditions.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion : Stormy Afternoon Likely

  1. Regarding the forecast for Sunday – I’m wondering how it was so far off. Usually, HVW is similar to or better than NOAA. This time, it seems HVW was forecasting a completely different day.

  2. What is going on I thought today was suppose to be nice cool and breezy now we’re getting severe thunder storm warnings

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