Saturday Discussion : The Heat Builds

Friday was quite hot around the Hudson Valley with Poughkeepsie recording a high of 90°.  We’re only going to get hotter in the coming days, and that begins on Saturday.

We’ll see mostly sunny skies and a lot of heat across the region.  The mercury will climb into the low and possibly mid 90s across the Hudson Valley, as we closely watch exactly how hot it gets, in an attempt to fine tune how intense the coming days will be.  The good news, is that the humidity won’t be oppressive on Saturday.  Make no mistake, it won’t be a walk in the park… but it won’t be dangerous across the region.  Real Feel temperatures in the mid 90s, very close to the actual air temperature… will mean that you’ll need to take it slow, and stay well hydrated.  A mid summer day for sure on Saturday.

Sunday, things get dangerous across the Hudson Valley, as the mercury rises into the mid and upper 90s… possibly near 100° in some spots.

It’s the humidity that will be incredibly uncomfortable on Sunday.  Temperatures between 95° and 102°, likely combine with dew points between 70° and 75°.  That will make for a ‘real feel’ heat index of 100° to 115°!

We mentioned that we’re going to be closely watching things on Saturday in an attempt to determine whether the European or American model is likely correct with regard to Sunday.  It’s a brutal day, no matter what… and dangerous at that.  However, it could mean the difference between 105° heat index and 115°.  That’s the difference between very uncomfortable and very dangerous.

As we said yesterday, remember to take use extreme caution:

– Check on seniors and those who may need assistance.
– Take frequent breaks from strenuous activity.
– Drink plenty of fluids, water and sports drinks.  Alcohol and sugar drinks will dehydrate you further.
– Avoid extended exposure to sunshine without shade

These conditions look likely to continue into Monday and Tuesday… possibly not as bad as Sunday, but we will have to keep a close eye on things.  By Wednesday, we may see a boundary drift southward over the Hudson Valley, and that could touch off some strong to severe thunderstorms, as the atmosphere would just be packed with potential.  But we’ll worry about that as we get closer.

For now… be sure to prepare yourself for the heat.  If you don’t take these conditions seriously, heat exhaustion and heat stroke could set in rather quickly.  Stay cool, Hudson Valley!

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