Saturday Discussion : The Slow Melt

Mainly cloudy skies for our Saturday, as we continue to watch the first snow of the season slowly melt away.  Since the snow stopped falling early on Friday, temperatures have not dropped back below freezing.  Temps climbed into the low 40s Friday afternoon… and only dipped into the upper 30s overnight.  One of the side effects of November snow, is that average afternoon temperatures are in the low 50s… so snow usually won’t stick around for too long this time of year.
So for Saturday afternoon, we’ll have mostly cloudy skies.  Temperatures will hold in the low to mid 40s across the valley (upper 30s in the Catskills).  We should see skies clear out a bit tonight, and the winds should shift around to the NW.  This would allow temps to fall back below freezing, into the mid and upper 20s.  Then on Sunday, clouds increase once again… and a few snow flurries or rain sprinkles could be possible in the afternoon, as temps climb back into the mid and upper 30s.  So our early winter chill… will be with us through the weekend.
Things haven’t slowed down for us in the wake of the storm.  We have a Storm Recap we’re finishing, and the Winter Outlook to release.  We’re going to have the storm recap this afternoon… and likely will release the Winter Outlook at 12pm on Sunday…. just to break things up a bit.  We’ve had a real snowstorm already, so hopefully waiting 24 hours for the Winter Outlook won’t be too difficult.
Have a great Saturday!

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  1. The first snow was impressive but how about the cold this month and the frigid projections for the rest of the month? Only a couple of days where temperature was at or above normal. Are we competing for record or near record cold November?


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