Saturday Discussion : Winds of Change

1:30pm Radar Loop
A potent cold front is approaching the Hudson Valley, and spreading a line of showers and even an embedded T-Storm this afternoon. Rumbles of thunder can be heard in the lower HV, and a severe alert for Orange county as a strong to severe cell pushes NE into Orange County.
This is thanks to a sharp contrast of cold air diving into the Hudson Valley, with a strong southerly flow out ahead of it. The contrast of air masses may touch off a few T-Storms as it rotates through. For the next several hours, showers and even a T-Storm are possible. Temperatures currently in the upper 50s to near 60° ahead of the front, with temps crashing into the 40s behind it. For example… it’s currently 60° at the Dutchess County Airport… and 42° in Monticello. So the cold air is pushing through now.
A blustery, unsettled, and damp Saturday afternoon across the region.

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