Saturday Winter Storm Update : Wed Evening Edition

Lost in all the buzz about the potential for a winter storm on Saturday, is the beautiful mid January weather around the region this Wednesday afternoon. Temps around the region range from 48° in Poughkeepsie, to 50° in Middletown, and 50° in Kingston. It’s certainly not the record breaking weather from the weekend… but it’s still 15° above average. Make sure you enjoy it while you can… because big changes begin tomorrow.
The cold air will rush in Thursday afternoon behind a cold front that moves through with scattered showers tonight. Expect windy and blustery conditions Thursday afternoon, with temps falling into the 30s. Thursday night temps will tumble into the teens, with wind chills in the single digits… and then Friday we’ll see sunshine, but continued blustery conditions. Highs Friday, will hold in the 20s… and gusty winds will make it feel like the teens all day. So BIG changes to the way it feels around the region.
Then as far as Saturday is concerned… no changes to our thinking from the past 2 days. The storm continues to be targeted for Saturday afternoon, starting as snow… possibly ending as a rain/snow mix in southern areas. Accumulation potential is on the moderate end at this point. It’s still too early to commit to an accumulation forecast… but a range of 2 to 8 inches appears reasonable at this point, depending on the details.
We’ll likely issue a preliminary forecast on Thursday, with a Final Forecast slated for Friday afternoon. Stick with us for more updates and information as we get closer. Thanks for all the continued support, and have a great evening!

1 thought on “Saturday Winter Storm Update : Wed Evening Edition

  1. Good post, HVW, and I hope your at least semi-correct, as other outlets are now reporting that this “storm” now is looking like 1? of a mixed bag of junk for us. By time Sat arrives, it will probably be just a cold rain, with very little mixing. The only “buzz” i hear around me are from the fly’s that came out from the 70 degree weekend we just had, they know Winter is a bust, too.

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