Snow Squalls/Cold and Wind Chills

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The combination of cold temps and areas of blowing and drifting snow will make for perpetually treacherous areas of travel this morning across parts of our area. Yesterday’s storm forecast seems to have verified quite well, with the overachievers being zones that either were covered with (locally up to 8”, or zones that bordered our up to 10” zones), we have seen accumulations as high as 12” in some localized areas.

Our high temp today will top out late this morning in the low 20’s north and upper 20’s south, a powerful arctic cold front mentioned in last nights post will cross the region this afternoon between 2-4pm. Along this squall line will be 30-40 MPH wind gusts that will combine with ground snow and falling snow to create near white out conditions as it passes. Roads will quickly cover over as this front passes through the entire region. Our concern is the timing of this frontal passage will be during school dismissal and early commute, this can be a recipe for a dangerous combination, please be alert for this potential. Behind this front the temps will begin to plummet to near zero or below by tonight. These temps are way below the effective range of rock salt, therefore the combination of the coating to 2 inches that may fall as the front passes, and the persistent blowing snow may lead to travel issues that linger well into Thursday in some locations.

The low temps will combine with strong wind gusts and create wind chills that will be dangerously low. Wind chill temps will range from -15 to -40 across the region, this can cause frost bite in 10-30 mins on exposed skin, keep this in mind for bus stop waits tomorrow AM, pets and people alike. We will live track the squall line which is currently in western NY as it approaches our region, please factor its passage and effects into your travel plans this afternoon. Thanks

Below is a simulated radar for 2,3 and 4PM tomorrow, you can see as the narrow but intense band of snow moves across the region..


13 thoughts on “Snow Squalls/Cold and Wind Chills

  1. I appreciate the work and dedication that you put in to your forecasts. You fill a gap in forecasting for our area with more accuracy than broadcast media. You are the first place I look to for weather information.

  2. Thank you again for your hard work. It’s not gone unnoticed that once again you had the correct forecast for yesterday and the NWS did not. Top notch work.

    • I love this site like everyone else, but where I live the NWS, Accuweather, and forecasts all verified almost as exactly as

      Your enthusiasm is sweet, but your facts are incorrect.

      Keep it factual, thanks.

      • Keep it factual? HVW is the most detailed site. They are always spot on with their forecasts and estimations. Just because your weatherman dream didn’t come true doesn’t give you trolling rights. Spit the bitter pill out and let in the sunshine Tyler. Let in the damn sunshine.

  3. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work!! This is the first and only place I go to for accurate details of any storms we may have.

  4. Great info! Can someone explain what the multi-color bar on the right of the maps is showing and what the blue snow bar below the maps is telling us? Thank you.

  5. Thank you for your hard work and time I enjoy reading your weather posts I know it’s not easy to predict the weather as Mother Nature is the only one that can really do that LOL and she never post anything ! Stay warm today and keep on posting about the weather thank you?

  6. Thank you for the dedication you put in posting the weather for our region. This my “to go” place to keep informed about the upcoming weather. Again, a heartfelt thank you. Keep up the great work!

  7. As far as I am concerned this is The best weather site we could ask for. I am extremely grateful for the service you provide. To have such detailed info about our little corners of the Hudson valley has saved lives. Thank you

  8. Accuweather often reports its “RealFeel” to be a few degrees higher than the current temperature. When they can’t accurately employ a temperature + wind speed table, all else is suspect. HVW understands topography, and that many of us commute across the zones. I left work in a rainstorm in White Plains last night, then drove 15 mph single file on I-84 from Brewster to Fishkill (then same up Rt 9 to Poughkeepsie) because snow was falling/blowing and the interstate and local roads had not been plowed or sanded in hours. This team and site are an exceptional local complement to the National Weather Service (which I appreciate as well).

  9. I like this site, but the emphasis always seems to be the northern Hudson Valley, Newburgh Kingston Catskills. The weather is very different in Westchester & Putnam. Another rain event in Brewster, though they closed schools anyway because of a tail flurry.

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