Soaking Saturday Rainfall!

While we probably wish that it didn’t have to occur on a Saturday, we’ve got some much needed rain showers pushing into the Hudson Valley.

You can see on radar a wide swath of steady rainfall. The rain in focused north of I-84… but even our southern areas should get in on the action. Considering the very dry conditions around the region, this is exactly what we need. These areas of light to moderate rain will be with us into the afternoon, exiting the region later today. There is a chance that some rumbles of thunder will be possible later today as well. However, due to the low clouds and rainfall, the concern for severe weather this afternoon has greatly diminished. Temps are likely to be in the upper 60s to mid 70s during the showers. We’ll keep an eye on things through the day. Have a great start to the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Soaking Saturday Rainfall!

  1. Leaping for joy in Accord!!! The ground has wide cracks in the soil and with temps in the low 90s multiple times in the past couple of weeks everything in my garden is exhaling a huge sigh of relief and comfort. Hope everyone is enjoying the rain. That’s what makes the Hudson Valley and Catskills beautiful – rain.

  2. The rain is ok, the 90s ok, but the humidity’s got to go. I’ll take our past April and May anytime. Can’t wait for September.

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