Storm History : Tuesday 10/26/21 Nor’Easter

A storm that featured flash flooding in multiple areas pummelled the Hudson Valley on Tuesday, as our first strong nor’easter of the season moved up the northeast coast.  Computer guidance had suggested that 2 to 3 inches of rain was likely, with some locally higher totals.  Instead, thanks to a fetch of moisture that entrained over the Hudson Valley for several hours, final totals were about 2 inches more than initially projected.

A widespread 3 to 5 inches of rain fell across the region, with some locally higher totals approaching 6 inches in some places.  Some viewers shared video and pictures of rapidly rising waters, and in some cases flooded roads and property.  With rainfall totals like this in the region, it’s no shock to see those images.  The average rainfall for the month of October in Poughkeepsie is 4.47 inches.  The Poughkeepsie station received 3.66 inches of rain in one storm, over 3 days.  About 80% of the month’s average rainfall fell in just one storm.  Taking the Hudson Valley from 1.16 inches for October (26% of average)… to 4.82 inches for the month of October (108% of average).  That’s how fast things can change in the Hudson Valley.

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