Storm Recap : Friday 2/25/22

A winter storm that was expected to consist of several hours of snow, followed by a gradual transition and mixing to sleet… turned out to be mostly a sleet event for the lower half of the Hudson Valley.  The end result was a busted snowfall forecast from the Mid Hudson Valley on south.  So here are the forecast, compared against the snow history map, as well as the snow totals from the National Weather Service.

Effectively the warm nose of air at about 7000 feet moved up to about Monticello, to New Paltz, to Poughkeepsie… before struggling to push further north.  That meant that anyone from that line on south… saw an inch to maybe 2 or 3 inches… prior to an extended period of sleet.  The sleet fell for many hours, accumlating between 1 and 2 inches on top of the snow.  This sleet was quite a pain in the next to move, as the weight of the sleet pellets really adds up.

We highlighted repeatedly that this storm would be a trick with regard to the snow/sleet line.  That wherever that line set up, would determine who saw considerable snow, versus who saw minimal snow… and considerable sleet.  Unfortunately, the sleet line pushed a bit further north, a bit earlier than expected. Which resulted in many busted snow forecasts south of Poughkeepsie and Monticello… with 1 to 2… maybe 3 inches of combined snow and sleet.

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