Storm Recap : Monday Wet Snow Event

On the back end of a lackluster winter, we weren’t going to do a full recap of the underwhelming winter storm from Monday, March 23rd.  However, after reviewing some comments…

… we decided to do a quick recap.  First is our final forecast, followed by the actual storm results…


In short… the forecast played out rather close to expected.  The Catskills saw slightly less than expected, with totals much closer to the 5 or 6 inch amounts… than the 10 inch side of the 5 to 10 inch forecast.  The 2 to 6 inch forecast area also saw totals on the lower end… much closer to 2 or 3 inches than the higher end of the range.

But hands down, the most criticized part of the forecast was the coating to 4 inch range for the Hudson Valley.  Well, we overlayed that forecast range on the Snow History map.  Zones 3,7 and 8 are boxed in black.  The forecast there was for a coating to 4 inches.  Reviewing totals in that area… we have 1″ in Hamptonburgh, 1.1″ in Poughkeepsie, 2.3″ in Red Hook, 3.5″ in Rosendale.  If you look at the map and not the totals… you can see the pockets of higher snowfall in the higher elevations of Orange County, Putnam County and Dutchess County.  Snowfall amounts were directly correlated to elevation, and widely ranging.

We thank you for the continued support, and truly love doing what we do.  Sharing in the community is an awesome privilege, and makes everything worth while.  We don’t mind if people disagree with our forecast.  Often times a viewer will articulate that they think the setup will unfold differently, and the result will be different.  It’s all about how you express your opinion.  That said, we won’t hesitate to tell trolls where it’s at, when they post comments like these.  lol.

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

8 thoughts on “Storm Recap : Monday Wet Snow Event”

  1. Dont worry about the negativity. If these “experts” dont understand that elevation affects the amount of snowfall received, I suggest they crawl back under their rocks. Keep up the good work!

  2. Boys, hate to break into you but we really don’t care about last week’s weather. How about telling us what you see coming up. We lived through last week once, that was enough.

  3. Well, this is not from a troll, but a long-time resident and someone who has had a love/not love relationship with HVW. Sometimes…yes, sometimes, you guys come off as a little arrogant, “know it all” when you criticize the NWS and NYC/HV TV forecasts…which for the record…are as accurate LOCALLY as often as you are. So, some of the criticism and chiding IS deserved, the real question in keeping your readers, is are YOU willing to own the critiques?! Folks who fail to do that based on ego – from our idiot President to the average Joe – ultimately wind up not being trusted, and become obsolete before you know it.

    That said, keep on keeping on, and just because the weather might be quiet for a few days, you also need to post EVERY DAY even if you have nothing to say. When you go 3, 4, 6 days not posting, as has happened in the past, and we the readers click in to find nothing but old posts, again, we just go elsewhere.


  4. I’ve wasted 99 cents on much worse stuff. You guys do better than most forecasters in this area. The best part is if you don’t like it, move on, the internet is huge! No one is forcing you to read/follow them.

  5. I trust your forecasts better than any of the major weather services. You understand the weirdness of the Hudson Valley and let’s face it, all forecasts go bust sometimes!


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