Storm Update: Wednesday 11am Radar

It has begun, Hudson Valley…
The front edge of the overrunning snow band pushed into the Hudson Valley between 8:30am and 10am this morning. It took roughly 30 to 45 minutes for the atmosphere to saturate, and for the snow to reach the ground. But once the snow began to fall, it fell moderate to heavy across the majority of the Hudson Valley. Our viewers in Rockland and Westchester counties mostly missed out on the snow thus far… but north of I-287, the snow has been falling.
There were questions about this leading edge of snow, and how far south it would reach this morning. As it happened, the steady snow has reached all the way into the lower Hudson Valley, which may help to get the Hudson Valley into the higher end of the snowfall forecast range. The big question now will be, “where does the snow taper off for a bit, and where does it continue?” We’re seeing the southern edge of the snow shield shift north toward I-84 at this hour… so viewers down toward Warwick, or Peekskill, are likely tapering off after a coating of snow… while the snow continues to fall steadily along and north of I-84. We’re watching the main area of moisture push into NE PA , so we’ll have to see if the snow shield fills back in before it ever tapers off from I-84 on north.
Snow will continue in the Mid & Upper Hudson Valley at light to moderate rates into the early afternoon. As the primary area of moisture pushes into the Hudson Valley, we’ll see snowfall rates intensify again during the early afternoon (1 to 4pm). Temperatures continue to be at or below freezing in most of the valley, which will allow for road conditions to deteriorate as the snow intensifies this afternoon. As we get later in the day, we’ll begin to track the advancing warm air, that will eventually change us over from snow to rain before ending.
No major changes from our earlier ideas, just minor tweaks…
… Catskills : 4 to 7 inches
… Taconics & elevations over 1000ft : 2 to 5 inches
… Valley north of I-84 : 1 to 4 inches **
… Valley south of I-84 : Coating to 3 inches **
(** = now expecting to be on the higher end of these ranges)
We’ll continue to have updates through the day… stay safe out there!

15 thoughts on “Storm Update: Wednesday 11am Radar”

  1. We got MAYBE 1/4 inch – if that. It is now 1pm.
    I live between Saugerties and Woodstock – in the Catskill mountains.
    Some of us REALLY wanted some real snow and were looking forward to what was predicted – 3-7 inches.
    It doesn’t look promising – unless we get a ton of it this afternoon.
    So far, barely covering the ground – a dusting.

  2. I also live between woodstock and Saugerties and on the other end of the spectrum. Had so much to do today and maybe should have done it. More panic at being alone and isolated than joy of the beauty of snow and the recreational opportunities. But for those in camp snow I say yes 100% because our wants somehow don’t seem to make a drop of difference!

  3. Love your work, but Northern Westchester did not see a flake of snow until this afternoon. Nothing in peekskill, Yorktown, Bedford, etc. until early afternoon.

  4. Two hours of light snow in Accord between 10 and Noon.
    Maybe a 1/4″ of accumulation.
    Roads wet and clear.

    Light snow just nudged in at 2:30 – slightly colder and a NE breeze
    but can see on radar the back edge is only an hour away.

    Pretty sure this entire event will be a .50 snow event only.
    The models and media blew this one wayyyyyyyyyyy out of proportion.
    It is pretty. However, it would have to bomb out in the next hour to get
    up to 2″ of snow.

    A total bust.
    But that’s the reality of nature, you can’t call what the final outcome will be.

  5. What a disappointment. Weather forecasters are not what they used to be! ? What do you mean I’m posting my comments too quickly?

    • We take comments like this with a grain of salt, if you think weather forecasting was better in the past, then you were never paying attention and your opinion is null and void. You’re more than welcome to source your info elsewhere, that’s 100’s or other places with millions of dollars in budgets you can get worse info from. Instead you come here, where we do it for free, and have a higher accuracy rate and spew non constructive nonsense. People are what they use to be.

    • Considering most of the region was forecasted a coating to and inch on the low end of the forecast I can’t imagine how you “bust” on a storm that was never forecasted to be much?? Were you really banking on an inch and only got .50”?? Sounds rough. Also you “busted” on the spelling of forecast.

  6. HVW,
    You guys are good at what you do. I enjoy reading the technicalities of your forecasts.
    Many you nail, some no one does. Such is mother nature.
    But it’s not a good look to quarrel with idiots in the comment section who don’t understand that.

    • Kris thank you for your comment and we appreciate you and your support, as far as the others, we don’t let it really bother us, but as far as not responding… it’s the last of consequence and accountability in the world, especially the internet that has allowed bullying, keyboard muscles and arm chair warriors to gather strength. Our reputation is our forecast, and we do not have network bosses or ratings to appease. We are a small business and we do not need to remain silent towards disrespect and ignorance, I believe that small businesses and those behind them should not be afraid to stand up for what’s right, and in no place or time doesn’t anyone deserve to have their work disrespected with no regard for facts. That is just my stance, and I love a respect criticism, for example your comment was critical of our response and I heard it, and respectfully responded, why? Cause you were respectful, and like an echo- you receive the same in return! I hope to have your continued support in the future,thank you!


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