Strong Winds and Early AM Storms

Along with all the warmth of our Saturday, comes a strong southerly wind. Winds tonight will be 10 to 20mph with gusts over 30mph ahead of a cold front that will gradually bring an end to our spring tease.

A squall line will push eastward overnight, and should arrive in the Hudson Valley around sunrise. This line of showers and embedded thunderstorms will be rather broken, but could still contain some strong wind gusts over 50mph, possibly causing some scattered power outages around the region. The timing on this broken line of showers and downpours looks to be between 5am and 7am.
Behind the squall line, the clouds should exit rather quickly, and be replaced by partly to mostly sunny skies. The winds shift out of the west and continue to howl at 10 to 20mph, with gusts over 35mph. The wind direction will shift, but the temps should hold in the mid to upper 50s for most of the daylight hours, it’s not until late afternoon when the temps begin to tumble. So a rather nice Sunday does seem possible, in the wake of all the wind and showers… but lets see how it unfolds.

6 thoughts on “Strong Winds and Early AM Storms

  1. I have to agree with most of what Suz’s comment from yesterday. – “This “Winter”, if one can even call it that, has been a complete joke. 3+ weeks of these temps, and I literally have parts of my lawn starting to green. No end in sight with the warm temps, either. As for snow, you can forget that, too. This weekend feels more like June than January. Please, no more long range forecasts when trying to predict seasons, it is a total crap shoot”. .I do tho, think that medium range forecasts can be tough, too, as those mild days that started before X-mas were supposed to turn into a Winter pattern change come the beginning of the year, but that never happened. I don’t think any of the weather outlets saw any of this coming..Keep up the good work with the detailed, close range forecasts, you guys do wonderful there.

  2. Keep up the great work guys. As for people being upset with “long range” forecasts, the guys at HVW have always been upfront about never being certain about forecasts until 2 or 3 days before an event. Even then they say this is their best educated guess based upon the evidence they are seeing. Their seasonal “forecast” is just an idea based upon historical data. It isn’t even really a forecast. Clearly this winter has been an absolute bust for people like myself that enjoy the snow and outdoor winter activities. However, we are not even close to be done with winter weather. I expect we are in store for another barrage of mid to late winter storms this year.

  3. yes John is correct. I would advise our citizens to check out the issue. it’s not science fiction any longer. those lines and crosses in the sky that spread and become cloud cover? that is not normal aviation. this is a well researched and funded technology in use internationally. we are told it’s meant to slow climate change, but it’s only worsening the problems we face.

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