Sunday Afternoon Discussion : Stubborn Low Clouds

Happy Sunday everyone, we hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your day. Weather wise, the low clouds and patchy areas of drizzle continue to linger in the region as of mid day. You can see on the latest radar, that a few spotty showers and drizzle are visible in the Catskills. These will move ESE this afternoon, into the Hudson Valley… and could bring some spotty showers into our area. Temperatures are holding in the mid 70s under the low clouds, with a good bit of humidity in the air.
The big question for this afternoon has been… and continues to be… will scattered T-Storms develop like some computer guidance suggests. In the Campfire Chat last night, we discussed our belief that the low clouds would stabilize the atmosphere, and limit the development and strength of the afternoon T-Storms. However, these situations are notoriously complex to forecast, so our forecast included the T-storm threat in our afternoon weather. At this hour, the radar is quiet… quieter than the guidance indicated. However, that same computer guidance continues to suggest T-Storms will develop over the next couple hours, primarily for the mid and lower HV. So we will continue to track the situation as the afternoon continues. The potential exists for a few T-Storms to pop up over the next few hours, and one or two storms could contain strong (potentially damaging) winds and heavy downpours.
… Afternoon Forecast …
Low clouds possibly mixing with breaks of sun. Humid with scattered showers and patchy drizzle possible. Isolated T-Storm development can’t be ruled out between 1pm and 5pm. High in the upper 70s to low 80s. Chance of rain showers 40% or less.
If anything develops, we will share it here. Feel free to get the latest forecast information on the website

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