Sunday Afternoon Discussion

A raw… cold Sunday afternoon continues across the Hudson Valley.  Most of the area has seen a persistent light rain, with temperatures holding in the mid 30s.  The combination of rain and cold making for a rather raw feel to the air.
* The Radar + Tonight’s Forecast *
The latest radar shows the back edge of the light rain beginning to move through the region.  This should allow us to see the steady rain showers come to an end between 4pm and 6pm.  The winds should then increase a bit out of the SW… and that should cause temperatures to begin climbing into the 40s tonight.  After seeing temps pinned in the mid 30s all day… we’ll actually warm up after dark tonight, likely into the mid and upper 40s.
Scattered showers will be possible through midnight, when we’ll see the cold front approach the region.  The passage of the cold front after midnight will shift our winds around to the NW, and temps will then begin to fall back into the low to mid 30s by sunrise on Monday. 
** Black Ice Issues? **
We don’t anticipate a substantial ice issue overnight, due to the combination of temps remaining largely above freezing until dawn.. and that we should see several hours of dry conditions… allowing for most surfaces to dry before temps fall below freezing.  That said, we’ll continue to watch the situation tonight.
Please feel free to post any questions in the comments below, we’ll try to address any thoughts and concerns.  Stay dry, and have a nice evening!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Discussion”

  1. “A raw… cold Sunday afternoon”? Seriously, “cold”? It was in the upper thirties to lower forties across the region, ten degrees or more above average for much of the HV.

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