Sunday Discussion : A Return to Mid Winter

Friday was a gorgeous late spring preview.  Then, Saturday was cooler, but was still a fine spring day.  But we’ve had a strong NE wind for about 24 hours… and it has done its dirty work.  Sunday will feel like we’ve been transported back into mid winter, with low clouds and drizzle… accompanied by temperatures in the mid 30s.  Parts of the Hudson Valley (especially the Catskills) will see sleet pellets mixing in at times, and even some spotty freezing drizzle.

This is the futurecast radar and satellite image for the region as of 2pm on Sunday.  This radar does not differentiate snow/sleet or rain, but it does a really good job of depicting the low clouds, patchy areas of fog, and drizzle that will be locked into the Hudson Valley for most of the day.  You’ll notice on the Hudson Valley Close Up on the bottom right portion of the image, that the Catskills might see some peeks of sun… that’s because the cold air, and low clouds will sink into the Hudson Valley.  The spotty blue and green areas on the map are indicative of the moisture and low clouds that we will likely be saddled with all day, likely in the form of drizzle… even a spot shower.

But what makes this even worse, are the stiff NE winds and the very cold temperatures.  So while we’ve got low clouds and drizzle all day across the Hudson Valley, we’ll have persistent winds out of the northeast, and temperatures in the 30s… which is cold enough to possibly support some spotty frozen precipitation in the Hudson Valley…

This map is also for 2pm on Sunday, and you can see that we expect persistent NE winds… and if this model is right, possibly some sleet pellets and freezing drizzle mixing in with the drizzle across the Hudson Valley.  Now the precipitation will be VERY light… with much of the day just being cloudy and cold… but periods of light drizzle are expected, and that drizzle could be accompanied by sleet pellets at times.

How is that possible?  Well… here are you anticipated mid day temperatures:

Once again, these temps are for early afternoon… and most of us will be in the mid 30s!?  That’s typical of mid JANUARY… not April 15th.  So with temperatures this cold… the air could support a few sleet pellets mixing in.  As you go further north in the Hudson Valley, into the sheltered… coldest valleys… temps could even be below freezing (30° or 31°)… and freezing drizzle is possible.  Roads are likely to be fine in most cases in those areas… but a light glaze could form on trees and unpaved surfaces.  So be aware that icy spots are possible… yes… ice, in mid April.

We just can’t seem to break free of winter… and Sunday will be yet another reminder of that.  We’ll have updates on social media as the day progresses.  Please stay warm, think warm thoughts…and try and have a good Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion : A Return to Mid Winter

  1. Is there any information on how long we’ll be stuck in this cold pattern? Will we have any sustained springtime weather this year?

  2. I think it would be AMAZING to keep this cold going until April 30th. Because you know the unfortunate payback will be the hottest summer in recorded history. 🙁

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