Sunday Discussion: AM Wintry Mix

The bulk of the snow and sleet has pushed northeast of the Hudson Valley at this hour.  We continue to see a weak band of wet snow, sleet and freezing drizzle rotate into the region at this hour, but this looks light in nature.  Areas from I-84 on south appear likely to be plain rain at this point, based on temperature reports from that area.

It appears a general coating to 2 inches of snow fell around the region, but we’ll wait to hear from you for confirmation.  The rest of the morning looks to see temperatures gradually moderate, and rise above freezing.  The back edge of the precipitation is moving thru now, but scattered areas of drizzle are possible into the afternoon hours.  That’s good news or at least ‘decent’ news for our local parades and events… like the Kingston parade.  Anyone in that area, it should be mainly dry and at least above freezing, just a few areas of drizzle and a spot shower.  So everyone should be able to throw on a coat, and be able to participate in and support your local community events without weather ruining the day.

Road conditions should improve steadily as the temps continue to rise, by be alert to the potential of slick spots on the roads, especially as you head further north. 

Have a safe start to your Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion: AM Wintry Mix

  1. 4″ in Mt. Tremper. I was a little surprised this morning, wasn’t expecting that much. Temperature is taking it’s time rising, still only 34°

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