Sunday Discussion: Autumn Chill

Another frosty start around the region, as changing the calendar really seems to have changed the weather pattern.  Colder Canadian air has pushed into the northeast, and through the coming week… we expect reinforcing cool shots to keep us near to just below average for early November.

We’ll track a weak disturbance passing by to our NW on Tuesday, that will bring us clouds and the slight chance at a shower or two… otherwise we look dry through the first half of the week.  Afternoon temps should be in the upper 40s to low 50s most days… which is a degree or two below average.

Tomorrow we’ll have a detailed look at the first 2 weeks of November.  Will the pattern warm back up, will the cold stick around?  Check back with us Monday morning.  Have a great Sunday!

1 thought on “Sunday Discussion: Autumn Chill

  1. Uhhhhh…it is Wednesday, November 6.
    You haven’t posted a d@3n thing for 3 days.
    You preach and boast and brag about how “local” and how “amazing” and how “superior” you are…
    but to be honest, Janice Huff at NBC 4 tells me more about the local weather in Ulster County every day
    than you do in 3.
    Time to shut this down or sell.
    Not kidding.
    You couldn’t seem more disinterested in what you supposedly do.
    It’s really weird.

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