Sunday Discussion : Humberto Stays Away

Fog and low clouds will gradually burn off today, and leave us with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. Highs this afternoon should climb well into the 70s… possibly hitting 80° in some places.

To update the tropical concern highlighted the other day. Tropical Storm Humberto has developed and now has maximum sustained winds of 60mph. This storm developed rather unexpectedly, and rather quickly. Model guidance didn’t discover that Humberto would materialize until late in the week, and some of the first guidance on Humberto took it right up the east coast.

Well the good news for the eastern coast of the United States, is that Humberto should stay safely off shore, and begin to turn east over the next 24 to 48 hours. Then it should track steadily NE toward Bermuda. Residents of Bermuda need to keep a close eye on Humberto, as guidance has it tracking very close by Wednesday evening. It could approach as a cateogory 2 or 3 storm, if conditions continue to be favorable for development. So we’ll keep an eye on the situation over the coming days.

Locally… the weather looks great for all Sunday afternoon activities. Hope everyone enjoys this mid-September Sunday!

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