Sunday Discussion : Humidity Breaks

After scattered showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, a cold front will swing through, and usher in some slightly cooler… but more importantly less humid air.  We should see considerable sunshine and blue skies, with highs in the low 80s.  The best part, will be falling dew points… after a rather muggy start to the day.  Our flow will be consistently out of the north, which will gradually reduce the humidity in the air.

The nice weather continues into Monday, before we gradually begin seeing increasing heat and humidity as we move into mid week.  Our summer weather pattern is likely to persist through the work week.  We’re heading toward mid July… and it will sure feel like it.  Enjoy your Sunday!

1 thought on “Sunday Discussion : Humidity Breaks

  1. Ok so it’s Monday and it’s looking like it’s going to pour and on the radar it looks like alot of rain is coming this way we’re in poughkeepsie you guys are not predicting any rain based on your forcast

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