Sunday Discussion : Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall

10am Hurricane Ida Advisory
Category 4 Hurricane
Maximum Sustained Winds : 150mph
Maximum Wind Gusts : 184mph
Pressure : 930mb (27.46in)
Moving : NW 14mph
A devastating storm heading for southern Louisiana this morning, as Hurricane Ida makes its final approach. This storm has undergone tremendous intensification over the past 10 hours. At the 11pm update last night it was a strong category 2 storm with max winds of 105mph. Unfortunately for residents of southern Louisiana, it’s much stronger than late last night.
This will be a catestrophic event for a large portion of southern Louisiana. From Grand Isle to Port Fourchon, and towns of Galliano, Montegut, Chauvin, Dulac, Houma, Larose in toward Lockport, Morgan City and Thibodaux. Those will be the first locations to be hit, and will feel the worst of Ida’s wrath. These areas are all under an Extreme Wind Warning for winds of 115 to 150mph. Our thoughts and prayers will be with those regions.
The storm surge from landfall to points east will be 10 to 16 feet, possibly even higher. This rise in just a few minutes is the most deadly aspect of a hurricane due to the dramatic rise of water. The low elevations and swamp land will absolutely be flooded by the surge of water. Hopefully those areas will have minimal people staying in the path.
For areas like New Orleans, rain is the biggest concern, although winds will also be a problem. The worst winds are likely to be south and west of New Orleans… but hurricane force gusts over 75mph to 100mph are certainly possible there. Thankfully, the catestrophic winds are very likely to stay southwest of New Orleans. Unfortunately, it’s the torrential rainfall concern for areas like New Orleans that have forecasters worried. Rainfall amounts of 6 to 10 inches (locally up to 20″) are possible on the eastern side of the storm track. That combined with storm surge concerns… and flooding is a serious worry for SE Louisiana. Areas like New Orleans are likely to be without power for several days, so hopefully residents are prepared.
We will continue to track Hurricane Ida, but want to emphasize, if you’re looking for detailed coverage, because you have friends or family in Louisiana, please use local news coverage. We are Hudson Valley Weather, and while we surely are concerned and watching closely… we don’t know this part of the world like we know our valley… so we want to defer to local experts and media coverage for advice about how local residents should act. This is a life threatening situation… and residents in the path should listen to local emergency services for updates and alerts. Our thoughts are with those in the path of this intense system.

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