Sunday Discussion: Mother’s Day Soaker

Happy Mother’s Day!  Unfortunately our Sunday soaker is underway and doesn’t appear likely to stop anytime soon. 

On this radar, you’ll find the Hudson Valley on the right side of the image.  Off to our west is a large area of soaking rain… and it’s pushing our way.  Areas near I-287 may miss the steadiest rain… but most of us will see the batches of soaking rain continually move through this morning, and into the afternoon hours.  In addition, temps will remain chilly, with temps in the mid 40s to low 50s.  Make sure you’ve got the rain gear handy today, you’ll need it.  

We hope that everyone finds a way to beat the rain and has a great day, especially all those amazing Moms around the Hudson Valley!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion: Mother’s Day Soaker

  1. Yup. Same icy precipitation near Kenneth Wilson Campground for about a half hour now. It’s sticking to the skylights but not visible on the ground…yet.

  2. The weather is not great. We loved yesterday’s . Thanks for the forecast. Drive carefully, and Happy Mother’s Day.

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