Sunday Discussion : The Heat is On!

We’ve lucked out a bit (believe it or not), as the heat and humidity are in full effect on this Sunday.  The reason we say ‘lucky’, is because temperatures are not as severe as some data suggested they would be.  That said… the heat, and especially the humidity, are extremely uncomfortable, and borderline dangerous. 
2pm Airport Temperatures:
Poughkeepsie: 91° (feels like 98°)
Newburgh: 90° (feels like 100°)
Montgomery: 91° (feels like 100°)
Westchester Co: 92° (feels like 98°)
Monticello: 90° (feels like 96°)
When we look at local private reporting stations, we’re seeing higher humidity levels creating higher “real feel” temperatures.  HVW Headquarters in Hurley, just west of Kingston, have a current temp of 92° and a heat index of 102°.  But heat index values are generally between 100° and 105° at this hour.
So it’s early afternoon, and we have several hours of heating left across the region.  That means that we could watch temperatures climb into the mid and upper 90s, and heat index values climb toward 110° and possibly higher.  These are dangerous conditions if you’re not properly prepared.  So make sure you take it slow out there:
– Drink plenty of water / sports drinks
– Avoid extended periods in direct sun
– Take frequent breaks from strenuous activity
– Check on children and seniors
So on the positive side, conditions are not as brutal as we worried a couple days ago.  But conditions are still extremely uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous.  It will get hotter and more humid this afternoon, so it may not be 100° with a heat index of 115°… but it’s still low to mid 90s, with a heat index of 95° to 105°.  Make sure you stay cool and stay hydrated.  Have a good afternoon!

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