Sunday Discussion : Tricky Week Ahead

Happy Sunday, Hudson Valley!  We saw a blustery and cold day on Saturday, with highs in Poughkeepsie near 30°, but winds made sure it never felt much above 20°.  Sunday looks much the same, with temps in the upper 20s to low 30s for highs, and a NW breeze that will keep wind chills in the low to mid 20s through the day.  A cold conclusion to the weekend.

As we push into the work week, the focus will be on 2 separate systems.  The first, is the storm we’ve been highlighting the past 2 days.

Futurecast Radar : Tuesday AM – Wednesday PM

The storm out of the midwest will weaken as it runs into a weak ridge of high pressure over the eastern US.  The result is the graphic seen here.  One batch of moisture runs out to sea over the Mid Atlantic, and another batch of moisture tries to push into the Hudson Valley from the midwest.  A second weak low pressure may have just enough moisture to spread light to moderate snow over the region for an extended period of time (possibly up to 18 or 24 hours).  The snow would be light, so accumulations are not projected to be more than 4 or 5 inches at most.  Because the storm is weakening as it approaches us… the models are struggling with the setup.  So the details may need to be tweaked as we get closer.  But for now, here’s what we’re thinking…
The Summary:
– Weakening storm likely for Tuesday into Wednesday
– Light snow likely, timing and amounts still uncertain
– Could impact Tuesday night and Wednesday AM commutes
– Check back for more details

From there, our attention will shift to another storm system that will move in, hot on the heels of the Tuesday/Wednesday system.  The second storm has the potential to be much stronger than the first.  However… the 2nd storm is also more likely to stay to our south.

Thursday AM – Friday AM Futurecast

The storm rapidly deepens and becomes a strong winter storm.  The ‘problem’ for snow lovers in the Hudson Valley, is that this system has nothing to steer it north.  As a result, the storm just pushes directly out to sea on this scenario.  Guidance has been very consistent in keeping this storm south of the Hudson Valley.  However, we are beginning to see signs that this storm could have room to come north.  We go into detail talking about it around 40 minutes into the Saturday Night Fireside Chat.  But with this system still around 4 days away, there is ample time for the models to catch onto something and shift it further north.

We can’t make any promises about either of these storms having a significant impact on our area… but the weather pattern has become much more active.  There is a 3rd storm threat for Sunday 1/31 into Monday 2/1… so there is no shortage of items for us to follow.  We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest.  Have a great Sunday!

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