Sunday Discussion : Unsettled Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!  To all the amazing moms around the Hudson Valley, we hope you have an amazing day… regardless of the weather.  Because Mother Nature isn’t likely to do us many favors on Sunday… she surely isn’t making the forecast easy.

This image has the Hudson Valley circled, and you’ll notice that the northern half of the Hudson Valley looks drier and possibly even sunnier than the southern half of the valley.  So our Mother’s Day will likely be a tale of 2 weather stories.  That’s even more evident when you look at the projected high temperatures…

Where the sunshine peeks through, and the clouds aren’t so thick and low… temperatures could ‘surge’ into the mid and upper 60s… possibly even hitting 70° as you go further north.  However… the further south you go (south of I-84)… the thicker the clouds are expected to be, and the higher the chances of a spot shower and areas of drizzle are.  That will hold temperatures down in the 50s for many folks in the lower Hudson Valley.

So for Mother’s Day Sunday, expect clouds mixing with breaks of sun in the northern Hudson Valley, a spot shower can’t be ruled out… and highs in the 60s, warmer the further north you go.  For the lower half of the Hudson Valley… especially from I-84 on south… mainly cloudy skies are likely with a few showers and areas of drizzle likely.  Highs will struggle to get out of the 50s there.

Of course, if this boundary were to shift 25 miles further north or south… it could mean nicer or uglier conditions… so don’t bet any money on the forecast.  Have a great day!

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  1. Hi,
    I have watching your forecasts since January when a friend of mine suggested I look at your website to get a better forecast and wanted to say thanks. You have the best weather site for our area hands down. I thought you might get a kick out of my journey North on I-81 yesterday from Asheville, North Carolina. It was hot all through the South but peaked in Winchester, VA where it was bright sunshine and my truck said 94 degrees out. In Hagerston, MD it was 81 but it had fallen to 67 in Carlisle, PA and then when I got to Scranton it was pouring rain and 46 degrees. I have never taken a trip where I went from AC to heat over a couple hundred miles. Amazing stuff.

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