Sunday Night Discussion : Hurricane Ida 9pm Update

9pm Hurricane Ida Update
Category 3
Max Sustained Winds : 115mph
Pressure: 947mb (27.96in)
Moving NNW 9mph
Hurricane Ida continues to ravage Louisiana this evening as a category 3 hurricane. It’s been about 8 hours since landfall, and during that time Ida has weakened from a strong category 4 storm with 150mph winds, down to a minimal category 3 storm of 115mph. Still, while over land for over 8 hours, Ida has not weakened all that much, and that is due to the swamp land and low elevations of Louisiana causing minimal disruption of the storm’s circulation.
Even at this hour, the eye of Ida is clearly visible on radar. You can see ‘NEW’ on the radar is New Orleans, and they have been battered by the outer eye wall of Ida over the last few hours. The strongest winds were in the western suburbs of New Orleans, near MSY. That’s where the strongest winds of this system are located at this point. Gusts in the New Orleans area have caused widespread power outages, with the majority of the city without power at this time. Video from storm chasers showing trees and powerlines down all around the city and suburbs, as well as flooding from the heavy rainfall in that area.
This storm will continue to push northward overnight, and head toward Baton Rouge overnight. It will gradually weaken overnight, and should be a tropical storm by morning. Areas 30 to 50 miles on either side of the eye will likely see hurricane force winds overnight, and can expect widespread power outages. Areas from the eye to 100 miles east of the eye are likely to see flooding concerns with rainfall amounts of 5 to 10 inches, with locally over a foot of rain. Thoughts continue to be with everyone in this part of the world, as a rough night lies ahead.

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