Sunday Night Discussion : Light Snow Overnight

A very blustery Sunday is coming to a close, that featured strong NW wind gusts, bringing a chill back to the Hudson Valley after a mild start to the year.  And along with the colder air, will be some light snow showers overnight.
A weak warm front will touch off some warm advection snow across the region.  You can see by the 1st image, that a band of light snow should develop out ahead of the approaching warm front.  There isn’t a lot of cold air in place… nor is there a lot of warm air behind the frontal boundary… so we don’t expect the snow band to be very heavy in nature.  Instead, a period of steady light snow showers are likely.
– 11pm to 2am : Light snow develops
– 2am to 7am : Periods of light snow showers possible
– 6am to 9am : Light snow tapers off
– Hudson Valley: Dusting to an inch (up to 1.5″ in spots)
– Catskills: 1 to 3 inches possible
The timing of this nuisance event will potentially cause issues for the Monday AM commute.  Snow covered roads are possible, creating slick spots and areas of icy travel.  Temps will be below freezing, so the snow should stick, even though it’s likely an inch or less in most places.  You’ll have to go into the Catskills to find elevation enhanced snows above an inch or two.
The snow should taper off around sunrise on Monday… but we anticipate mostly cloudy skies with scattered snow showers and flurries to continue through the day Monday.  That said, we expect little if any additional accumulation after sunrise on Monday.  We’ll try to have additional commentary once the light snow begins to develop around the region tonight.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Discussion : Light Snow Overnight

  1. Weathermen have a difficult time stating this is a ‘nothing burger’. They have to state ‘slick spots’ and can cause travel issues. Drama at all costs attracts readers and/or viewers.

    • Then why don’t you become one and write the book Jag? You obviously have plenty of time since you’re on a weather website running your mouth about something you can’t do. You probably do the same on pornhub. GTFO.

  2. I for one appreciate the heads up it may be slick out there in the morning…. Even if there’s only a chance of it… Don’t think that’s “drama at all costs”… Thanks for all you do guys!

  3. Snowing in the catskills….there are definatelly slick spots..maybe nothing for Hudson valley but snow will cover everything in the catskills…as it already looks like it is…maybe the kids will have a 2 hour delay tomorrow..m

  4. I would simply say to Jag – the crash on the PA Turnpike that KILLED 5 and INJURED 60 on Sunday AM was the exact same intensity as the snow showers predicted here. That “dusting” is all it takes to cause a chain reaction pile up on fast highways in hilly terrain. I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut, seriously. Not kidding.

    I’d also inquire, what is it exactly that you do for a profession that makes you an authority on anything? Or are you “that” creepy guy sitting in the dark on his bed trolling sites and prowling for kids?

    Get out of here, Jag.

  5. Just got back from a trip to Albany early this morning. Lots of salt trucks on the Thruway between Kingston and the Northway. This forecast was right on target.

  6. This is one of the worst patters for snow in years. I thought last year was bad with a non-stop endless NW flow suppressing every chance for snow south, but this year we have a SW flow with a Burmuda high parked as if it was the dead Summer. If this doesn’t change soon we will run out of Winter chances until next year.

  7. Everyone can bring joy to this website.
    Some by commenting, some, like Jag, by not commenting.
    Appreciate HVW for its on the mark forecasting including the nuances and micro climates that we have here.
    Best weather site in the region.

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