Sunday Night Mess : Rain and Wet Snow Showers

Cold air has pushed into the region, causing temperatures to tumble from the 50s… into the low and mid 40s around the valley.  As the sun sets on Sunday, we’ll watch temperatures fall near 40° in the valley, and into the mid and upper 30s in the Catskills and locations above 1000 feet.  That will make things interesting this evening, as we watch moisture move in from the west.

–  Rain showers likely in the HV between 8pm and 2am (temps 38° to 44°)
–  Catskills & areas above 1000 feet likely see a period of wet snow (temps 32° to 37°)
–  Mainly rain for the majority of the Hudson Valley
–  Slushy coating to an inch possible above 1000 feet, mainly on grassy areas
–  Precipitation ends shortly after midnight

A weak low pressure will spread an area of precipitation into NY and PA this evening.  With temperatures in the mid 30s for our higher elevations, we do expect our first wet snow flakes of the season for many locations above 1000 feet.  Rain will mix with and change to wet snow in many parts of the Catskills and locations well above 1000 feet.  Areas slightly lower in elevation, will see a period of cold rain showers, possibly mixing with some wet snow flakes.  While the majority of the Hudson Valley, will just see cold light rain showers.  You can see on the futurecast map above, that the snow is confined to the Catskills and the Taconic mountains near the NY/CT border.  The traditional colder parts of the region will be the places where wet snow could mix in.  But it’s a quick event… starting around 8 or 9pm, and ending a little after midnight.

Any accumulation will be confined to higher elevations.  In the Catskills, a slushy coating to a half inch or so appears possible… mainly on the grassy surfaces.  When you go above 1500 feet, an inch or two can’t be ruled out… with some of that a product of lake effect snow showers that will linger into Monday.  In the areas above 1000 feet near West Point and into the higher elevations of eastern Putnam and Dutchess counties… a slushy coating on some grassy areas can’t be ruled out either.  More than anything, this is a reminder that the seasons are beginning to change.  We don’t expect any major travel problems in those areas… just watch for a slick spot here or there.  For the vast majority of us… some chilly rain showers, possibly a few wet snow flakes mixed in.  With temperatures expected in the upper 30s to low 40s.

A chilly start to the week, with breezy NW winds and highs in the mid 40s.  A few flurries can’t be ruled out either.  Full details are available on the main page .  Have a great end to your weekend!

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