The Week Ahead : Searching For Rain

MONDAY: A mix of clouds and sunshine. A late day spot shower possible. High near 80°. Chance of rain 30%.
MON NIGHT : Partly to mostly cloudy skies… a spot shower possible. Low in the upper 50s.
TUESDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy skies. An afternoon rain shower possible. High around 80°. Chance of rain 30%.
TUE NIGHT: Mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers possible. Low near 60°.
WEDNESDAY: Lots of clouds and unsettled… scattered showers possible. High in the mid to upper 70s. Chance of rain 50%.
After a hot and humid start to the month of August, this past weekend felt like a relief… with highs near 80° and low humidity. But what would REALLY be a relief would be some significant rainfall. The drought conditions have expanded across the Hudson Valley… with much of the valley splie between moderate and severe drought. Portions of the area have seen roughly 50% to 60% of the average rainfall over the past 3 months.
With an upper level low pressure over the eastern US, the potential for rain showers will increase in the coming days… however we don’t see any guaranteed rainfall in the coming days. A weak disturbance will pass by to our south on Tuesday, likely missing the Hudson Valley. When we overlay the jet stream for the coming week over the projected rainfall across the eastern US the next 7 days. You can see the majority of the rainfall is along the jet stream (storm track). So, while the upper level low brings us a cooler air mass, it currently appears that it will push the much of the rain to our south.
Hopefully this trends toward more rain locally in the Hudson Valley, we’ll keep our eye on it.

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  1. My recollection of the worst drought is from 1963 when it peaked in late September and early October. So we may have a ways to go on this. Nevertheless, in my opinion, we may have salvation from the drought from a passing tropical storm or a hurricane (a “frying pan or a fire” situation). Right now the Hurricane Watch shows very little activity with the exception of one lone tropical “disturbance” near Bermuda with a 10% chance of development. don’t put any money on that horse. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.


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