Thursday Discussion : A Day of Cold

In a mild January… when you have a seasonably cold day, it feels bitter. That’s what we’ve got on tap for our Thursday. Lots of sunshine with a diminishing NW wind as the day progresses. Afternoon highs will be within a degree or two of 30°.
From there, temps begin to climb as we move into the weekend. Friday will be unsettled… mostly cloudy with a few areas of patchy drizzle or a spot shower. Highs on Friday should climb into the mid 40s… and then linger in the low 40s Friday night.
Then on Saturday, skies should remain mainly cloudy, with a few spotty showers possible. There is potential for Saturday to be gorgeous, partly to mostly cloudy with highs around 60°… but it’s also possible that low clouds, patchy fog and drizzle to linger, with temps in the mid and upper 50s. It will all depend literally on how the wind blows.
Sunday will be the day where the front moves through… and ahead of it, it will be windy and warm. But any time you have colder air clashing into extremely warm air… strong thunderstorms are possible. We’ll have to monitor the potential and timing on Sunday. Temps will likely surge into the low 60s ahead of the front… and then tumble into the 40s behind it.
We’ll try to focus in on the timing of things as we get into Friday. For now… have a great Thursday!

8 thoughts on “Thursday Discussion : A Day of Cold

  1. These higher temps may be due to the Solar Radiation Management, geoengineering that is being done. Check it out, very interesting. Would love to here peoples thoughts on this. Weather patterns have been strange to say the least.

    • You are a troll. You are spreading false conspiracy theories. It isn’t real. The administrator of this site needs to block your access and delete your comment. Dare I say – you crazy.

  2. Climate change is the underlying situation….. if you’re noticing that it’s generally warmer and that we don’t get especially cold weather in winter these past few years. It’s not a political question, or a question of belief. It’s just what’s happening—though obviously weather is different from climate.

  3. Please… Every time there is some sort of change or unusual weather pattern, the global warming (or whatever the keyword de jure is) alarmists cry “climate change”. The climate has always & will continue to change & we cannot control it. Happy New Year.

    • WMJ, thank you! Which is why the narrative changed from “warming” to change. People need to start looking up, follow the horizon and find persistant artificial hazing out of the sun. It was a “clear” day yet the sun was completely obscured by a dense sky fog, not cloud cover, look opposite the horizon, clear as day. Geoengineering IS happening. Look up, Happy 2020

  4. I remember January 1st 2005- with temps hitting 70 by afternoon. Then fast forward to March 2012- several 80 degree days in a row that forced early bud break in the HV.. just saying-
    Every 6-8 years we get a strange one.

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