Thursday Discussion : Better than Expected

When you have a coastal storm stalled and spinning off shore, you’re going to see some shaky forecasts turn out a  bit different than what was forecasted.  Thursday could be such a case, when clouds give way to lots of sunshine during the morning hours… turning a day that was expected to be cloudy with showers… into a warmer, rather nice day.

We’ll have to monitor the precise location of the spinning storm, as we do expect a wave of showers to rotate through the Hudson Valley late afternoon and early evening on Thursday.  These showers will be focused east of the Hudson River, but anyone could see some spotty showers.  The scattered showers then look likely to fall apart Friday night, leaving the region with just some mainly cloudy skies giving way to a few breaks in the clouds.

Make sure to keep the raincoat handy, because a spot shower or sprinkle can’t be ruled out.

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  1. HI there. Haven’t seen any ‘feed’ items in the red banner at the top… usually where weather alerts are listed. Is there something I need to do to get them back, or are they now only activated when there are alerts for the different counties?

    Love this site!



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