Thursday Discussion : Drought Concerns

With all this gorgeous weather of late, and the lack of any meaningful rainfall… we’ve seen some concern about the need for rainfall in the Hudson Valley.

So we have two maps, first is the latest drought monitor update. Indications are that parts of the Catskills are abnormally dry, but none of the Hudson Valley… in fact none of NY State is considered to be in drought conditions at this time, which is good news.

The second map shows the rainfall amounts compared to average over the last 60 days. The Hudson Valley has seen between 50% and 75% of normal rainfall since late July, and that amounts to being between 2 and 4 inches below normal over that time.

It certainly has been dry, and we could use rainfall around the region. The good news, is that so far, conditions are not severe… and as we turn the calendar into the month of October, we should begin to see more chances of rain, as the warm pattern appears likely to break down as the seasons begin to change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Discussion : Drought Concerns

  1. Sept 30…my well has dried up twice in the last week. PSI in the holding tank last Wed 9/25 was 25 psi. Yesterday it was 35. Intermittently, if we use no water, the psi rises to 60. This is the first year since the well was drilled in 1997 that there’s been a problem. No extra use of the water here. I live in High Falls and there’s an aquifer 75 ft away from the well.

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