Thursday Discussion: Heat and Humidity on Repeat

The heat and humidity won’t relent… at least not yet.  After nearly a week of 90 degree temperatures, Thursday is looking likely to bring one more.  We may start the day with fog and low clouds… but those should burn off as the morning progresses.  That will allow the heat and humidity to build once again… and that will generate instability.  That instability will likely manifest in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms by mid day.

Just how many showers and T-storms form, remains to be seen.  Some data suggests quite a few storms… while other data suggests only one or two.  If you have plans on Thursday, anticipate the threat for scattered shower or afternoon T-storm, that could briefly interrupt your plans.

But the heat and humidity will likely be the story on Thursday.  With high temperatures near or just above 90° in the valley.  Dew points are expected in the low 70s… creating real feel temperatures in the mid 90s.  But after the weather from this past week, this is nothing we can’t handle.

Have a great Thursday!

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