Thursday Discussion : Locally Nice, Dorian off SE Coast

If you go out side and look to your South you will see high cirrus clouds being whipped west to east by upper level winds. These upper level winds are the same steering currents that will steer Dorian in a NE direction as it passes the Carolinas. The clouds you are seeing are actually the outer cloud shield of the Hurricane itself despite its current location off the SC/NC coast. Matter of fact if your in the northern most parts of the region you would be able to make out the entire arching profile of the cloud deck of Dorian.

Yesterday’s cold front was a small assist in changing the overall pattern in such a way that Dorian would not be able to take a track NW towards our region. This combined with the ever present jet stream that so often protects the region from Hurricane threats. In situations like Sandy and Irene we had thread the needle scenarios where our atmospheric protectors were not in place.

1 thought on “Thursday Discussion : Locally Nice, Dorian off SE Coast

  1. hey,

    i saw, what looked to be, the border of that huge deck of cirrus clouds at the very edge of the Ridge line in Gardiner earlier this afternoon – with crystal blue sky behind it.

    Thanks for explaining what I saw. I live by your forecasts whenever weather threatens.

    One last bit of blowing smoke up your asses; two years ago, you called for the snow to stop South of the 84 line. I’m on the Newburgh thruway exit ramp heading north and, no sh*t… the right side of the ramp had snow and the left side of the ramp didn’t.

    how’d you do that? lol


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