Thursday Discussion : Possibly Picture Perfect

When dealing with summer time weather, people’s perspectives can vary greatly.  What I consider to be gorgeous weather, you could consider too hot.  A day that you consider very comfortable, could be too cool to another person.  So when we say “possibly picture perfect”… it’s always in the eye of the beholder.

We should see mostly sunny skies on Thursday, and very comfortable conditions.  A NW wind will usher in dry air, and push dew points down near 50°.  That will make for very low humidity levels.  At the same time, the warm June sun should help afternoon highs climb up into the upper 70s and toward 80° in many parts of the valley.  As usual, our friends in the Catskills will be a few degrees cooler, in the low to mid 70s.  All in all… a beautiful summer day across the region… at least in our opinion.

Friday we’ll watch an area of instability push over New England, and out to sea.  That shouldn’t affect our area, other than a few clouds in the morning.  But the NW flow should keep us a touch cool on Friday, with temps in the mid 70s and low humidity.  That’s roughly 5 degrees below average for this time of year.

The weekend starts out nice, with sunshine and warmth on Saturday… and temps pushing near or just above 80°.  Then the flow shifts SW on Sunday… and the heat builds into the region for Father’s Day.  Temps on Sunday likely push into the mid and upper 80s, but humidity levels may stay in check… we’ll have to watch.  But by Monday… all signs point to an oppressively hot day.

Certainly we’ll be tracking the pattern over the coming days… but Monday looks to see hazy, hot and humid conditions.  Dew points could climb into the low 70s.  Afternoon highs on Monday could surge into the mid 90s… which would combine with the humidity to generate Heat index ‘real feel’ temps between 100° and 105°!  We’ll get updates as we get closer… but the work week next week could start out oppressive.

For now… let’s enjoy the beautiful weather in the region.  Have a great Thursday!

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  1. It’s the glass half full theory regarding what people consider picture perfect. I believe every day is a gift and each is perfect in it’s own way.(bring along your sweater and your umbrella just in case) Thanks for the great work that you do reporting our weather in our beautiful Hudson Valley!

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