Thursday Discussion : Surging Warmth, Late Day Shower

The pattern over the east coast of the US continues to hold us in warm, late summer weather.  The flow will again be out of the SW on Thursday, as we see afternoon temperatures climb well into the 70s… possibly near 80° in some areas.  A weak cold front will approach the region late in the day, and could touch off a few scattered showers… even a thunderstorm.   The timing on this appears to be after 6pm… but we’ll have to watch the timeline (6pm to 9pm looks like the best chance).  Unlike Tuesday, this should not be a widespread storm situation.  We don’t expect severe weather to be an issue… so flash flooding and wind damage does not appear to be a concern.

Here’s a rainfall map from Tuesday’s strong to severe thunderstorms…

Torrential rainfall was experienced over much of the Hudson Valley, causing flash flooding issues for many in Orange in Westchester counties.  The copious rainfall amounts from this summer continue to rise, and are an ongoing issue for flood concerns.

In addition, there was a confirmed tornado in Rockland County, near the Palisades Parkway.  We shared some info on the Facebook page on Wednesday.  But this was just one of many reports of wind damage, resulting from a very abnormal October day.  Hopefully we’ll see more tranquil weather as the month continues.

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