Thursday Discussion : Unsettled but Turning Milder

Thursday is our transition day, as we go from cool and chilly weather, to some much warmer… almost late spring-like weather.  We’ll see clouds and a few spotty sprinkles scattered around the region for the morning on Thursday… but most of the area will remain dry through the morning hours.  As we approach mid day, we’ll see a warm front approach from the SW, and that will spread some more widespread scattered showers into the area…

The showers won’t be overly heavy, or very widespread… but the further north you go in the Hudson Valley, the more numerous and heavier the scattered rain showers will be through the afternoon.  Make sure you have the rain gear handy if you have plans… because a few light rain showers will likely impact your afternoon.

From there, the winds begin to shift out of the south.  Thursday night and Friday morning may be mostly cloudy and even see some patchy drizzle or a spot rain shower.  But by mid morning on Friday, the southerly winds should really increase… and the warmth will flood into the Hudson Valley.  Friday afternoon should see a warm wind, and a good deal of sunshine… and just look at these highs…

We’ve waited a LONG time for this… but finally… it’s coming.  Spring… maybe even early summer… arrives on Friday!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Discussion : Unsettled but Turning Milder

  1. I fully agree. And the frustrating thing is in general if winter makes a slow departure (as it has this year), we never “make that up ” at the back end (i.e. summer isn’t going to linger into the middle and later part of fall).

    • Don’t worry Randell & sayitaintso… it’s not going to get hot and stay hot. The mid 70s should feel warm, but not hot.. kind of late-spring. We’re going to go up and down w/ the weather pattern the next week or two, as the pattern tries to iron out.

  2. Looking forward to the high 90degree weather can’t wait for summer long hot days followed by mild temps at night and all the sounds of the season that go with it good ridden winter take a,hike

  3. I remember last fall when it was pretty damn warm in late October! And it was unbearably hot and humid on Memorial Day weekend! It sure seems to me that the pattern of late has been for winter and summer to overstay their welcome and for fall and spring to get squeezed out of the picture.

    When’s the next El Nino? Those years featured the most glorious spring months. 2002 was amazing. Warm winter and long, mild sunny spring! (Was that in fact an El Nino year?)

    Thanks to HVW! I depend on your reasoned analysis to get through the seasons. You make weather understandable and I’d never blame you guys for bad weather. Cheers!

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