Thursday Outlook : The Aftermath

In the last 7 days we’ve had 2 major nor’easters rip through the Hudson Valley.  In that time some parts of the region have seen upwards of 30 inches of snow.  We won’t fully know the details until the snow data rolls in over the next 12 to 18 hours… but make no mistake… the 17-18 winter is certainly going out with a BANG.  Everyone is already asking about the potential storm for this coming Monday… and we’re not going to even discuss it at this point… other than to say the pattern is very active, and it would not shock us if something headed our way for Monday… but it could also stay to our south, and it’s 5 full days away.  We’ll have more on the potential for Monday in a post later on Thursday or Thursday night… but right now, it’s looking like at best a 50/50 shot.

As far as Thursday’s concerned… a blustery, cold day for sure in the wake of our snowstorm.  Temps will rise above freezing, and that will help with the cleanup and snow melt.  We’ll have sunshine mixed with clouds… and a flurry or snow shower can’t be ruled out.  Highs right around 40° should do the trick.

We’ll have a detailed storm recap late Thursday or Thursday night… once all the snowfall data has been collected.  Have a great Thursday!

41 thoughts on “Thursday Outlook : The Aftermath

  1. In the Villlage of Red Hook, I measured 11″.. keeping track of the snow all day, our average snowfall here was ~ 2″ per hour..

  2. Here in New Windsor, I measured 16 inches in the driveway. Needless to say, there will not be a lot of driving in this driveway. We will not discuss the mountain range of snow that the town plowed up at the end of the drive way when they plowed the street overnight. Thanks be to God we didn’t loose electricity, although the lights flickered a few times.

  3. Here in the Town of Catskill (greene county) just west of village we have 5.5 inches. Much less then we expected, but not complaining.

  4. Around five inches on lower Samsonville road in Kerhonkson. A friend up the road about two miles got 11”! So definitely a tricky system.

  5. I’m almost embarrassed to report that Croton (at least in Harmon) got 3 — that’s three — inches over the course of the latest storm. Lots of trees are down and many people are without power, but we got very little.

  6. Here in Hopewell Junction, south of 84 (where the weather is very different from in town) I measured 15.6 inches in two separate spots. We’re about a mile from 84, so only at 427 feet elevation.

  7. Last measure I took last night was 25 inches and got a little more after that, probably another inch or two.
    Officially 26 inches in Monroe. Plows were few and far between. Last time a plow came by yesterday was around 3. Then they came back a 1:30 am this morning. Tough storm to keep up with.

  8. In my part of Monroe we got about 30”

    Also Hudson Valley whether you’re my inspiration I love the weather and your forecasts are spot on all the time so we always expect was coming thank you so much and also did this storm go through Bombo genesis?

  9. It’s 3/9 in the evening. I’ve been waiting all day for an update on the impending storm for next week. The last report I see is dated 3/8!!!!
    Update PLEASE!!!!

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