Touch of Winter across higher Terrain

Cold air advection continues to make its self known with gusty NW winds over the last several hours and into this morning. Yesterday’s mild temps have been replaced with much more season temps across the region for those waking up this morning. The winds will begin to die down by mid day, but the arrival of colder air will help set the stage for parts of the region to see some wintry weather overnight tonight and into Thursday AM.

The next system will spread precipitation across our region late tonight and into tomorrow AM, it will also bring the return of gusty winds, especially across the higher terrain. While precipitation may start as a burst of snow and sleet across northern parts of the region and some of the hillier terrain it will quickly turn to over to rain, the exception will be across the higher terrain of the Catskills.

Above 2000’ snow and sleet will persist a bit longer with up to an inch of snow and sleet possible. Surfaces are still quite warm, so any frozen precip that falls across the lower elevations is not likely to impact paved surfaces during its brief tenure. Across the highest terrain some slick spots are possible as both air temps and longer duration of potential winter weather may overcome warm surfaces, especially less traveled and elevated roadways. Warm air will eventually raid all parts of the region and turn precipitation over to rain in the higher elevations by mid morning.

Precipitation mostly in the form of rain will end from west to east around mid day Thursday. Colder air will begin to filter back into the region but temps will likely remain above freezing overnight Thursday except in the highest elevations. The colder air mass will take hold for the weekend and linger into the middle of next week with some slight below normal temps across the region, a bounce back seems likely by the close of next week.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more.


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