Tranquil Thursday, Friday Flurries?

With the newly designed HVW website, we have some newly found flexibility.  The weather on Thursday looks rather tranquil, cold and uneventful.  Temperatures will struggle into the upper 20s and near 30° for a high, which is certainly about 10 degrees below average.  But with mostly sunny skies, the weather looks like a calm winter day.  Well, since we have all of the forecast information presented in a crisp, ‘handsome’ if you will, format… rather than focus on Thursday’s weather in the daily discussion… we can look right ahead to Friday, and you still have everything you need to know for your Thursday.

So… looking to Friday, we’ll have a warm front approaching from the southwest.  It doesn’t have a lot of moisture to work with as it pushes into the Northeast, but it could still touch off some snow showers in our area…

You can see on the radar simulation, that the front tries to push some light snow showers into our area.  Nothing overly heavy, but we could see some areas get a dusting to an inch in spots.  The best chance for accumulating snow, will be the Catskills… where a couple of inches could accumulate.


  • Timing : Light snow showers could develop near or shortly after Friday AM commute
  • Temps in the upper 20s
  • Light dusting of snow possible, could be some slick spots for PM commute

We’ll have to monitor the progress of the front, because there is some guidance that suggests the bulk of the snow shower activity is just off to our north.  So the best chance for light snow showers is in the northern Hudson Valley… but it does look like most of the area could see some light snow shower activity.

Looking ahead to the weekend… expect a noticeable warmup.  We’ll have a SW flow, and a weak system will push into the area between Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  That will bring us scattered rain showers and temps in the 40s.  So expect a bit of a moderation and temporary break from the winter weather this weekend.

Have a great Thursday… and thank you for all the support you continue to give HVW!

31 thoughts on “Tranquil Thursday, Friday Flurries?

    • You are funny! Invasion of privacy? You want the forcast for your area, but you don’t want them to know where you are. Does that really make sense to anyone?

  1. I think the new design looks great and am a big fan of your site. Keep up the excellent work. The app works fine on my phone. Some people can’t deal with changes so can’t imagine how they can be weather freaks, like me!

  2. Like any new change, we have to adapt to it. The last few days this site was sluggish and unresponsive. I am an IT professional and I make changes at work that takes time to work out, so I understand the hard work and effort it takes to make something work right.

  3. Thank you for always putting so much time, effort and energy into your breakdowns of the weather for our area. Your explanations are accurate and comprehensive. The new website looks great- as someone who had difficulty accessing it at first, I appreciate the effort you put into making sure that got resolved. You guys are a class act! And great at st what you do too ?

  4. I like the new design too. Much cleaner and easier to read. Thank you for doing a forecast that’s more accurate for our local area than the more general ones.

  5. The timing on the snowstorm and the website change was unfortunate as we were desparate for info and then had an unfamiliar site to deal with that had issues (was everyone’s page saying their location was Montgomery? I live no where near there. Today I see it says Hudson Valley, NY). I launched a new website last year and I know how many months it takes to get it right before launch and then the kinks you discover once it launches no matter how many thousands of hours you spent trying to get it perfect and user friendly. I am sure in the end we will get used to the new site and find it as wonderful as you envisioned when creating it. You guys are our number 1 go-to source for weather info when we need to decide whether to cancel our swing dance classes. We love that you are specific to our area and give us the details we need to make a good decision and keep us updated throughout the day.

  6. Site is not user friendly. Not intuitive. Actually very laborous. Where is the location finder anyway? Why change something that was working? Did you like new coke?

    • The site has been under construction for the last 7 days, and is finally operating near where we want it to be. It takes time to get used to the new format, you should give it a try before you totally discount it.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Well done on the new website… don’t mind the soft, impatient, and sensitive people. Wasn’t that long ago we didn’t have this type of local and regional type of forecasting we should be so fortunate.

    Keep up the good work Gents!


    • I’m with you Uncle Buck. I think we’ve gotten spoiled! Anyone remember what getting an accurate weather forecast was like BEFORE HVW?! I haven’t had an issue with the new format, loads much quicker than it used to! Thank yoi HVW!

  8. I’ve been following your site for years because it’s so great.
    But… with the new design it I would like to be able to set the weather location to what I want. (Like weather underground or national weather service let us set locations). I don’t want NJ weather (where I’m now), but a site in the Catskill Mountains (where I’m part-time each week).
    How do I do this?

    • Hi Sima, the weather location only pertains to the current conditions. So when you log on, and see the current conditions, they are for where you actually are at the moment. The forecast data (24 hour forecast, 5 day, and detailed forecast) are all geared to the Hudson Valley and Catskills. At present, there is no way to manually type in the conditions for a particular location. Hope this is helpful.

  9. My wife and I recently relocated to the lower Hudson Valley from upstate NY. Our son turned us on to HVW. It is a great service, appreciate your hard work and professionalism .

  10. I come for the weather reports more than the visuals of the website. It is easily figured out… I love and read here couple of times daily if need be, U R my main source and I live North your “Hudson Valley” in Greenville. I still get the info I need for here though !!!Nice change in the Website !!! I am sure as the old one did it will change with the times and need !! I appreciate it, thanks…

    • Thank you for the feedback, Bruce! The look and feel will take some time for folks to adjust to, but we promise… the net experience will be vastly improved. Same old commentary w/ the Detailed Forecast section… plus now a new short hand format to get weather data quickly. We really appreciate the long time support!

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  13. My goodness – everyone lighten up and give them a chance!

    Change is hard for some people, but I think you guys are awesome and doing an amazing job. You are by far, the most accurate forecasters for our area. Thank you for always looking at ways to improve what you do. Keep up the great work – my family and I rely on you!

  14. Ditto what Michelle just said!

    Great job, guys! I love the new site! Change is good. Especially being able to scroll down to see everything at a quick glance – like the 5 day forecast – without having to click on a side tab and wait for it to reload. Working outside 9 months of the year, I need to know ahead of time what the day and week will bring. You are my go to weather site, always accurate and reliable. Thanks so much for all you do!

    BTW, love the Android app too!

  15. Hey HVW (Bill & Alex)…

    You are way more than a site or an app. Behind the site and the app is your passion and your smarts and your dedication, and … you know… haters gonna hate. I’m not a hater.

    Congratulations on the new site and thank you for all you do! Ever grateful! Marji in Olivebridge

  16. You guys always do a stellar job with the weather forecasts, and that’s what’s most important… not changes to a site or an app.

    I do have one suggestion, though: The scroll bar across the top of the page where the severe weather alerts post always shows as red on my screen. That makes me always think there’s some sort of alert going on, even when there isn’t. Maybe the scroll could be a different color when there’s no advisories/watches/warnings? Green, perhaps? Just a thought.

    Thanks, as always, for your hard work and dedication to the Hudson Valley!!

  17. Is there a field where I can type in my zip code and see the local conditons there? It is automatically grabbing location services of where I AM AT THE MOMENT > NOT LETTING ME SELECT THE ZIP CODE I ACTUALLY NEED TO SEE.

  18. You do a fantastic job of communicating the weather with skill, intelligence, passion, and humor. Thank you!&
    Yes, change can be difficult, but it’s how the world works. I appreciate Hudson Valley Weather immensely; you are my daily forecast source. Good work on the website.

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