Tuesday Afternoon Discussion : Mild and Muggy

The rain has exited the region, but the clouds have held firm. Temperatures have risen into the low and mid 70s for most of us, in the wake of the soaking rain of the past 36 hours… quite an increase from the 50s of yesterday.

Unfortunately, it looks as if we will be stuck in a rather unsettled pattern for the rest of the week. The large high pressure that will be blocking and steering Hurricane Florence, is also blocking our local weather pattern. Despite the rising pressures, we will see our flow off the Atlantic Ocean… providing lots of clouds, moisture and instability. That means lots of clouds, mild to warm temps, and lots of moisture through the week.

So expect a rather unsettled rest of the week across the Hudson Valley.

Rainfall Recap : Sunday 9/9/18 – Monday 9/10/18

The remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon delivered a soaking rainfall across the Hudson Valley over a 24 to 36 hour period.  Luckily, the rain was steady and not torrential.  This prevented any flash flood warnings being issued, however the grounds are surely saturated at this point.  We will have unsettled weather across the Hudson Valley for much of the work week, with additional rainfall likely.  This, combined with the uncertainty of Hurricane Florence’s… will mean we need to watch for future threats of rain in the next week or two, as they could possibly lead to flooding concerns for our area.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Discussion : Mild and Muggy

  1. Actually, there was a flash flood warning issued yesterday, covering last night. My garden rain gauge (obviously not a precise instrument) showed 6 inches of rain over a 12 hour period, her in New Paltz.

  2. How much rain did we actually get in New Paltz on the 12th? I would agree with the 6 inches.Haven’t had that much rain in many years

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